There is something about a luxury car that makes it look expensive. I have thought about this for a while now. What makes a car look “cheap” and another look “expensive”?

I am not talking here about the manufacturers hiring top of the line designers, or the material that is used (have you sat in a stitched leather seat?). What I am asking here is what are the elements that make a car look luxurious?

Below is what I was able to gather as a rough draft of my thoughts:

  • Length and width of the body
  • Paint colour and finish
  • Wheels
  • Ground clearance

Would making a Toyota Corolla or a Nissan Sentra wider make it look luxurious? Probably not.

Another thing that always makes me wonder, why do all Mercedes cars always look good and don’t suffer from the phenomenon the other car manufactures purse by making their older cars look “old”. Although their new models are better looking, bolder, and more refined than ever, driving a 1995 S Class still looks like driving an S Class and doesn’t make it look old.

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